ProFinda produces highly innovative technology that matches people and their skills to work more accurately than has been possible before.

Impact Objective: Increasing equality and diversity, and increase productivity of UK workforce.

As organisations and individuals we put huge efforts into assessing skills – for hiring, staffing, promotions, and assessing development needs. Yet we remain pretty poor at this key task, and often fall back on narrow academic assessments, or on previous experience in similar role. We miss broader assessments and skills that might transfer well across industries.  New technology including skills graphs and more detailed taxonomies of skills, allow a much more rounded assessment of individuals, as well as systemic analysis of larger organisations and groups for fitness against changing needs.

A better understanding of skills has a number of applications for social impact – to improve EDI for both recruitment and promotion, create new pathways to good quality jobs, and to expand labour market accessibility.  ProFinda has market leading technology, and has secured contracts with some of the world’s leading companies, including KPMG, EY and PWC, and is extremely well placed to take advantage of our increasing understanding of skills across the economy.

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