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Helping schools learn from their data to improve learning outcomes for children.
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Arbor Education helps schools learn from their data to improve learning outcomes for children. It does this by using big data analysis to help identify areas of over and underperformance at a school, and by giving teachers workflow tools to help act on this insight and improve outcomes.

Impact Objective: Improve educational outcomes for children and young people.

There is compelling evidence that data-driven decision making in schools has the potential to improve the delivery of education and increase student attainment.

Arbor currently has three main solutions:
Benchmarking analytics combine open, government and regulatory body information with big data analytics to identify trends, predict future performance and allow schools to make more informed decisions about their intervention strategies.

Management Information Systems for schools, groups and governments which track and report on all school data in real time, providing live performance metrics on staff and students, as well as workflow tools to allow early intervention.

Isabel Newman, Investment Manager at Nesta Impact Investment says: “We are really excited to be working with Arbor Education. Led by a very talented management team, we believe these products have the potential to support schools to drive better outcomes for children. By using meaningful data to run powerful analytics, schools can get access to the information they need to design targeted and impactful interventions to improve outcomes for children.”

James Weatherill, co-founder of Arbor Education says: “We believe that teachers deserve better software to help save them time and improve decision making. We’ve assembled a world-class team of designers, engineers and educators and have rolled out our platform to 1,800 schools. This investment will help us to expand our presence both in the UK and internationally, and we are very excited to be working with an investor that will support us to drive the impact of Arbor.”

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