First investment

6 July 2015



Total investment




Nesta has invested £2.65m over 5 rounds into Third Space Learning since 2015. TSL is a leading provider of one-on-one maths tuition online, at each stage enabling the business to develop its technology, attract larger rounds of capital and bring in new institutional shareholders.

Impact Objective: To increase educational attainment in maths in school aged children

The business sells into UK primary schools and directly to families and enables children who are falling behind to catch up. Low numeracy is a strong predictor for long-term deprivation and is linked to unemployment as well as problems in work and home life. Children that fall behind early on experience more difficulty in making up the attainment gap, hence early intervention is needed.

Third Space Learning’s technology facilitates and records thousands of hours of teaching every week. This data provides unrivalled insight and enables the company to significantly augment the ability of its teacher community. Its proprietary platform allows the company to offer this expertise at scale.

Third Space Learning’s proprietary online teaching platform connects low cost, high quality tutoring supply from emerging countries to children in need in developed economies, making one-to-one learning affordable and scalable to reach the mass market.

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