Choosing the right Investor for your Venture

Ishaan Chilkoti from our Impact Investment team will be discussing “Choosing the right Investor for your Venture” at The Business Funding Show’s flagship event on the 22nd February.

Find out more about the show’s aims in this blog post.

The Business Funding Show aims to help Entrepreneurs to find information on their funding options and connections to the right lenders and investors, providing an overview of the diverse pool of funding options available to them – from crowdfunding and peer-to- peer lending to business angels and venture capital.

According to research by London merchant bank Close Brothers Group: “A lack of suitable advice and education is resulting in many utilising the wrong financial products for their circumstances and lifecycle stage, as well as being turned down for finance.” In the UK, both investment capital and the rate of new companies being founded are at an all- time high – and yet businesses are increasingly reluctant to seek outside funding due to the perceived difficulty of securing it.

The Business Funding Show (BFS), a London-based network of funders, entrepreneurs and business service providers, aims to tackle the problem by providing entrepreneurs in all sectors with an understanding of what it takes to obtain funding and connects them with the entire spectrum of finance providers.

The Business Funding show is scheduled for 22nd February 2018 at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf, London. 







Further information and early-bird tickets are available at the event website,

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