Nesta Impact Ventures makes initial investments of between £500k and £1m in Seed or Series A rounds, to support the growth of impact tech ventures which:
  • Operate within our sectors of interest
  • Have a clear vision to deliver significant positive social change
  • Show alignment between business model and impact delivery
  • Support inclusive impact, ensuring that either immediately or ultimately the company’s impact will reach people with need irrespective of means
  • Demonstrate commitment to impact by incorporating impact related metrics into everyday business decision making
  • Have potential to change the lives of tens of thousands of people where impact is deep, or millions where impact is shallow
  • Develop products demonstrating early evidence of product market fit
  • Are led by experienced management teams
  • Have an emerging sustainable business model

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Our Investment Programs

Nesta Impact Ventures

Equity investments in early stage ventures creating highly scalable impactful products and services that are usually technology based. We invest typically between £500k and £1 million over multiple investment rounds to a total of £3 million to support innovative and impactful enterprises.

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Arts and Culture Finance

Introducing arts and culture organisations to finance that supports creative ambition, resilience and doing good in society.

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