Empiribox is a science education blended learning provider that supplies resources for primary school teachers to teach practical science lessons. Empiribox subscribers are sent science equipment, lesson and assessment resources and professional development plans for teachers. The digital ‘Empiribox @ Home’ service provides interactive videos, worksheets, quizzes and hands-on experiments allowing impactful science education to take place from home. 

Impact Objective: improve the educational attainment of school aged children through supporting primary school teachers to deliver inspiring science lessons online, and providing practical home education kits.

Empiribox tackles the UK’s persistent STEM skills gap by capturing the imaginations of students at a time when science education is needed more than ever to address global challenges such as climate change, health pandemics and resource conservation.

Manish Miglani, who led this investment for Nesta said:

“Nesta’s education investment activity focuses on innovative and scalable solutions that improve education outcomes, whilst reducing education inequalities through access to resources. We are excited to have taken part in this significant growth round and look forward to seeing the expansion of Empiribox’s digital and classroom science offerings and its ongoing growth.”

Richard McGrath, CEO of Empiribox Ltd said:

“At Empiribox, we have worked tirelessly to bring hands-on, exciting and impactful science education to primary pupils. We know what we do makes a real difference to our pupils in preparing them for future careers, and our teachers, in assisting them to deliver the very best practical science lessons possible.”

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