BibliU is a digital learning platform for universities that makes textbooks and reading materials more accessible than ever before.

Impact Objective: Provide equal access to learning materials for all university students

Nesta led the $10 million Series A equity round in March 2020 with co-investors Guinness Asset Management, OSI, direct investment clients of Stonehage Fleming and ClearlySo. 

Our world changed drastically in 2020, giving way to a generation of students demanding a level playing field regardless of their needs, and expecting their education providers to use digital services to meet them. Whether those needs are as a result of remote learning or accessibility, BibliU endeavors to deliver their class-leading content platform to more universities in the United Kingdom and the United States.

“As a student at Oxford and the University of Western Australia, I would’ve loved to have had access to this content online for free. That’s why I founded BibliU and I’m proud to say we’ve addressed that for hundreds of thousands of students at our partner universities. We’re investing in our team and continuing to develop our institutional delivery tools.” Dave Sherwood, CEO of BibliU said. “BibliU is proud to be an innovator for higher education, building an accessible solution for modern students – ensuring that amidst a growing necessity for remote education – textbooks and research materials are accessible to every student.”

BibliU will continue to invest in the digital transformation of higher education institutions, offering access to all varieties of tertiary reading content, enhanced by a first of its kind institution-wide search algorithm that empowers students to find the answers they are looking for in seconds. Its partnership with Coventry University created Europe’s largest digital content program and demonstrates BibliU’s commitment to building a digital library environment that provides accessible education and resources to every student. BibliU works with a growing list of universities, including Oxford, Imperial, University of Lincoln and more than 40% of universities in the U.K.

“Now more than ever before, education institutions have the opportunity to harness technology to deliver new ways of learning. Nesta is delighted to be investing in BibliU, to support equal access to course materials for all students.” Lisa Barclay, Investment Director at Nesta, said.

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