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Third Space Learning uses technology to connect academic talent from around the world to children at risk of failure in primary schools across England. The team of nearly 200 maths teachers and tutors, based in London, India and Sri Lanka, work with over 200 schools and 2,000 students a week, providing online one-to-one support to accelerate what children are learning in class.


Impact objective: Raise student confidence and attainment in maths.


Poor numeracy is a strong predictor of long-term deprivation and is linked to unemployment as well as problems in work and home life.  Children that fall behind in numeracy early on experience more difficulty in making up the attainment gap; hence interventions at an early age are needed. 


Isabel Newman, Impact Investment Manager at Nesta Impact Investments explains why they were attracted to it:

“The importance of good numeracy from an early age is well understood, as are the challenges that can arise in later life for those without it.  Whilst there is good evidence of one-to-one tuition being an effective way of improving numeracy, the shortage of specialist maths teachers and the relatively high cost of tuition can preclude those who need it the most from receiving it.

“By improving access to quality maths tuition and bringing it into the school environment, Third Space Learning has the potential to improve the lives of thousands of young people.”


The company has ambitious plans to scale up to reach thousands more schools and pupils, and it is hoped that investment from Nesta Impact Investments amongst others will contribute to that. 

Tom Hooper, Founder and CEO of Third Space Learning explains:     

 “We are very pleased that the commercial and academic traction we have delivered has won support from a number of very successful Angel investors, and now, two of the leading social impact funds in Europe. The next phase of our business is an exciting one, and we look forward with great confidence.”