target outcomes

NII_Logo_COLOUR_CMYKTo be eligible for investment you must explain how your products or services have an impact on at least one of the following outcomes:


ageing well:hands

  • reduction in avoidable injury and premature deaths of older people;
  • increase in number of older people enjoying high quality of life;
  • increase in number of older people participating in social, cultural and economic life.


children and young people:

  • increases in children and young people’s educational attainment;hat
  • improvement in young people’s employment readiness and increases in the rates of employment of young people;
  • increases in the number of children and young people making positive contributions in their communities or to society overall;
  • improvements in the physical and mental well-being of children and young people.


sustainable communities:housing

  • improved supply of, access to, and allocation of resources for communities and individuals experiencing exclusion

  • the resources we are particularly focused on are: energy, food, healthcare, financial services and social connections


It is likely that your product or service addresses an outcome that is more specific than the descriptions above – we welcome this, and want to understand the specific target population and nature of the change for that population you bring about within the defined outcomes above.