Oomph! Wellness Limited


Oomph! (‘Our Organisation Makes People Happy!’) design and run fun, interactive, group exercise classes within care homes and in the community. Its specialist exercises are based on expert methodology, and use reminiscent music and simple routines to deliver physical and mental health benefits. So far, Oomph! has delivered 7,000 sessions in over 600 care homes.

Impact Objective: To increase the number of older people enjoying a high quality of life

Oomph! is rapidly expanding and now licensing its proven methodology to some of the biggest names in the care sector: including Bupa, Hallmark and Ideal Care Homes.

An award-winning social enterprise Oomph! was set up in 2011 by the twenty-six year-old Ben Allen. After studying health fitness, Ben started to apply what he had learnt to engage with older people in care homes: “I founded Oomph! because we desperately need to improve the quality of life of our older adults and care home residents up and down the country today – not tomorrow. I have visited more than a thousand care homes and met so many older adults in our communities and the reality is we are letting our older generation down. They deserve so much better from us all.”

The World Health Organisation states that regular exercise improves cardio-respiratory and muscular fitness, bone and functional health and reduces the risk of diseases like cancer, depression and cognitive decline. Yet only 7% of adults aged over 75 in England get the minimum recommended levels of physical activity.oomph-image-2

Jenny is 97 years old and moved into Westerlands care home near Hull over a year ago. Her daughter, Nancy, believes the exercise classes have made a real difference to her mum’s quality of life: “Mum started doing Oomph classes a few months ago and she absolutely loves it and I think it has made quite a difference to her. She looks forward to it and takes part enthusiastically. She talks about it afterwards, which is really important, as that’s how I know she enjoys it so much. She’s always asking when the next time will be.”

Nesta Impact Investments believes Oomph! has the potential to really improve both quality of life and the physical health of older people in care homes. Katie Mountain from Nesta Impact Investments says: “One of the biggest challenges for us as a society is how we provide good quality care to an increasingly ageing population against a backdrop of declining social care budgets. We were attracted to Oomph!’s unique approach of bringing health benefits to older people through a package of fun and interactive classes. It’s potential for growth makes this a really exciting investment opportunity for our fund to create real and lasting impact in an area of relatively unmet need.”