Digital Assess supplies innovative technology to support learning at all levels – including formal education, e-learning, vocational and workplace training – and helps to better prepare learners with the skills demanded by modern workplaces.

Impact Objective: To Increase children and young people’s educational attainment and improve employment readiness

The technology enables accreditation bodies; vocational and distance learning providers; the higher education sector; and workplaces to better measure and evidence practical skills. Digital Assess works with some of the world’s most trusted education brands to support and improve the whole learning process. Customers include respected educational institutions, vocational learning providers and accreditation bodies in the UK and internationally.

Users can harness the technology to uniquely capture a complete learning process, not just a snapshot at the end of term. It enables peer to peer assessment and also offers a unique assessment tool, utilising Digital Assess’s adaptive comparative judgement algorithms to deliver measurements with a very high level of reliability.

Professor Richard Kimbell, Director of the Technology Education Research Unit at Goldsmiths College, University of London, and Digital Assess Advisory Board member, commented: “Current approaches towards assessment remain poor at measuring and capturing vocational abilities, as well as a broader array of soft skills. This is a huge problem as schools and, increasingly, the modern workplace want a reliable way of evidencing pupils’ and employees’ practical abilities. Companies like Digital Assess have put a lot of thought behind developing an approach to overcome this challenge. As a result, many organisations and institutions will now be able to benefit from a more efficient, practical and reliable way to assess the skills of the future.”

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