100 points rule


Applied have a loose philosophy that everyone has 100 points of talent.

Some people are excellent at detailed analytical tasks - poring over data sets to uncover new insights. Others excel at the part where these insights need to be communicated to diverse audiences. Others still are fantastic at creating work environments where people are their most innovative and creative.

Those with luck have figured out what their talents are. Those with luck and hard work have probably already optimised their 100 points of talent to do one thing very very well. But not everyone is quite there yet, and most of us have yet to discover where our 100 points lie, or how they should be used.

At Applied, everyone should have an opportunity to deploy what talents they know they have, and explore new ones. 



Here are some of the ways Applied have operationalised this ethos

Fair hiring and performance management

It should go without saying, but Applied understands deeply the value of hiring on merit and teams with diverse skills and experiences. 

Good ideas really do come from anywhere

It goes hand in hand with hiring people better than you, that your best ideas often don’t come from the top. 

Transparent pay and equity

From interns to the CEO, we keep no secrets.

Flexible by default

Some of the team live at work, others work where they live, either is fine. This also translates into a 'just-don't-take-the-piss' unlimited holiday allowance: some kind of time off is a requirement not an optional.